New Feature! Welcome SMS Integration

We have Introduced SMS Integration, for billing event notification, with your Stripe checkout, for billing events from your customers.

Big News! 

After reviewing our customer feedback on Plover, we have now integrated an option for SMS, as a mode of notification for various billing events. 

For those crucial events, such as failed payments and errors in subscriptions, customers can be notified 

All you need is a Stripe account linked to your business and you can integrate Plover with no code required!

SMS Integration on payment notification templates
SMS Integration on payment notification templates

For your suite of products and services that your business offers, with Stripe integration, Plover can cover the notification of your customers' billing events. 

We hope that this can significantly reduce your customer churn and keep all of your customers up to date through their life cycle!

Plover allows you send automated emails to your customers when there is a Stripe payment event. Subscribe to the newsletter for blog and product updates.